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Residential Solar

Generate Power From Your Rooftop With the Right Solar System

Feed-in tariffs for residential solar systems in southeast Queensland are improving all the time – and bigger domestic solar installations in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast are a sound investment for the future. Solar and Batteries Direct is the ideal residential solar installer for adding solar panels to your home.

Why Install a Residential Solar System?

Solar energy, directly from the sun, is our most powerful natural resource. It is 100% renewable, clean, and unlimited – and Australia is among the world’s sunniest countries. Why would you not want to harness its power to meet your home’s electricity needs?

How Does it Work?

Sunlight shines directly onto your rooftop solar panels. The panels convert the solar energy into direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter (usually attached to the side of your house) converts this DC electricity into AC (alternating current) electricity so that it can be used in your home to power lights, appliances, and more. The result is that you are generating your own power at home from the sun, rather than drawing coal-based electricity from the grid and commercial suppliers.

Using solar energy via solar panels to generate electricity delivers on many fronts. These include:

  • Save money – households across Australia are struggling under the weight of rising costs – including power. Installing solar at home gives you control over and freedom with your electricity. In the longer term, your solar system will pay for itself in cost savings. It has also never been more affordable to install solar.
  • Little maintenance required – when chosen properly and installed professionally, your solar system will require little ongoing maintenance and should last for many years. If maintenance is needed, Solar and Batteries Direct will be here to take care of it for you.
  • Protect the environment – there is no cleaner, more reliable, or more renewable energy source than the sun. Going solar helps reduce air pollution and reliance on coal and other non-renewable resources, and reduces water usage. It also helps reduce transport costs for coal and other non-renewable resources. You will reduce the carbon footprint of your household and help do your part to combat the effects of global warming and human-induced climate change.
  • Store energy for later – solar battery installation takes the benefits of going solar to a whole new level. You can store excess energy you don’t use and have it available for later. This allows you to be independent of the power grid and safe from power outages.

The Right Gold Coast Solar Installers

Solar and Batteries Direct is a top Gold Coast and Brisbane solar company. We have helped many hundreds of local families successfully make the switch to solar energy, enabling them to say goodbye to high electricity bills and hello to self-sufficient, reliable renewable energy to meet their homes’ power needs.

We are accredited by the Clean Energy Council and have financing options available to help you meet the initial costs of going solar. We also work with only the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers. We unequivocally stand by our products and workmanship and all of our work is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty on our workmanship and industry-standard product warranties. Our technicians are highly trained and we are very proud of our unparalleled reputation for the quality of our work and for using only the very best solar panel, installation hardware, inverter, and battery products.

From the simplest solar arrays to larger 13kW to 19.5 kW domestic off-grid solar systems, hybrid solar systems, and solar batteries, we have unrivalled experience and expertise to understand your power needs and help you select the most appropriate system for you and within your budget.

Isn’t it time you Made the Switch?

Contact Solar and Batteries Direct today to explore how we can help you to stop relying on coal-based, non-renewable energy and take back control of (and even say goodbye to) your electricity bills. Use the sun to power your home – it’s right there! Your household budget and the environment will benefit.

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