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Solar and Batteries Direct has a wide range of solar batteries and solar power batteries as well as chargers and wall mounts for all solar battery packages.   

 We stock all the solar energy accessories you need to install and run your solar generation and storage including solar battery switches, solar battery monitors and temperature sensors, battery inverters, solar battery monitors and DC converters and chargers.  

Need a commercial or residential solar battery product or accessory, but can’t see it on our online store? Contact us – we are happy to help.   

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Why Go Solar?

Why install solar panels and a solar battery?

Southeast Queensland is sunny year-round. The sun is Earth’s most powerful renewable natural resource, and it emits unlimited power that, thanks to modern technology, can be harnessed for personal use.

Why would you let this opportunity go to waste?

Right now, with electricity costs rising at an unprecedented rate, and the environmental impacts of using non-renewable resources, it’s a better time than ever to turn to rooftop solar panels and a solar battery on the Gold Coast to capture this energy, convert it to electricity for home use, and store the excess power your system generates for your own use and even enable you to essentially live off the grid.

Many Brisbane and Gold Coast residents and businesses have already switched from standard electricity to solar. It just makes economic, financial, and environmental sense. While the cost of initial solar installation is not small, the future savings it delivers ultimately more than pay for the system – and studies demonstrate that with the appropriate solar system size and placement, an average family can save up to $3000 annually on their electricity bills simply by making the switch. Solar battery installation further enhances the financial benefits of switching to solar power.

Moreover, moving to solar energy for your home or business dramatically reduces your environmental footprint – making a difference to the local environment for the benefit of the planet.

Why Choose Solar and Batteries Direct?

It’s simple. Solar and Batteries Direct provide the very best choice and quality when it comes to solar panels, solar installations, and solar batteries in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. We are committed to delivering the most efficient, effective, and technologically advanced complete solar systems at the most competitive prices possible. We have long-standing professional relationships with the very best solar manufacturers and distributors, and we bring these benefits directly to you.

Our expert team of technicians and solar installers have many collective years of experience and expertise in the solar industry, and we streamline our approach to make your residential or commercial solar installation a seamless process. Our clients’ complete satisfaction is our priority.

Ease the burden of rapidly rising electricity prices. Say goodbye to being vulnerable to power grid outages.

Help create a sustainable future for your community and the planet.

Solar and Batteries Direct is the ideal solar company on the Gold Coast to set your home up for the future with the right solar system.

Contact us today for professional and expert advice, products, and solar installers for your off-grid solar system in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

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