Inverter & Chargers


Solar and Batteries Direct has a wide-range of inverter/chargers to accompany your solar panel system. Inverters are essential in home solar systems and are used to convert direct current (DC) electricity (power generated by solar panels) to alternating current (AC) electricity (power used by the electricity grid).Inverters are boxes that tells you how much power your system is producing. For residential solar systems, inverters are usually attached to the side of your home in an easily accessible space away from tree branches and other hindrances.Our systems are technologically advanced and able to stand up to the demanding Brisbane and Gold Coast environments. Superior engineering combined with light-weight and compact designs makes our range of solar inverter/chargers ideal accessories for your home solar battery system.Our range includes combined inverter and chargers, or stand-alone inverter and chargers. Combined systems have the benefit of providing a total energy system without the need for separate components for residential solar systems.As a leading Brisbane and Gold Coast solar company, Solar and Batteries Direct has knowledgeable staff with years of expertise in helping you find the right inverters and chargers to suit your residential solar system.