Solar Batteries for Home

Solar Batteries

A solar battery is essential for maximising the benefits of your solar system, and enabling you to capture and store the electricity your solar panels generate for use at night and during grid outages.

Solar Batteries for the Home

Do you want to maximise your return on investment in your solar system?

Older residential solar systems did not typically incorporate a solar battery, and any excess power generated by the solar panels was either lost or fed back into the commercial power grid. While homeowners do receive credit (via feed-in tariffs) for any power fed back into the grid, the value of this is lower than it used to be – and more homeowners are now appreciating the benefits of storing this power for their own use.

Previously, solar batteries were most commonly used with off-grid solar systems, however, solar storage technology has evolved enormously and households can now maximise their energy independence with the right solar installation – including solar battery storage.

Types of Solar Batteries

There are three main solar battery types:

Lithium-Ion Batteries – currently the most common, quickly-evolving battery type
Lead-Acid Batteries – not as widely used today, these were traditionally used for off-grid installations
Flow Batteries – typically used for larger commercial or industrial storage applications

Lithium-ion batteries are now dominant in the solar space as they are:

  • Scalable
  • Highly efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Have a long lifespan

First released by Samsung and LG in 2015, solar batteries of this type have become much more sought-after since the renowned Tesla Powerwall hit the market.

Lithium-ion batteries are now dominant in the solar space as they are:

DC-coupled battery – operates using a compatible hybrid inverter or off-grid inverter
AC-coupled battery – battery integrated with an inverter-charger

Is a Solar Battery Right for You?

Solar batteries are expensive. They represent the highest single financial outlay in any solar system, and, due to their high upfront cost and longer payback, many people wonder whether it’s worth investing. There are also considerations relating to available space for battery installation (in a secure, shaded area) and the need for a hybrid inverter.

You must consider:

1. Solar feed-in tariffs (credit for excess power your system feeds back into the grid) are reducing – and will continue to do so.

2. Solar battery storage allows you to maximally benefit from your solar system even if you are not at home during daylight hours.

3. Solar at-home storage will preserve your electricity access and protect your home and appliances in blackouts, power surges, and during periods of high demand and grid instability.

4. Solar storage enables you to minimise or even halt your reliance on the grid – saving you money on electricity bills.

5. A solar battery improves your energy independence and accelerates your transition to a clean-energy, greener home.

If you add the right number of solar panels/inverter alone, the average household in the Brisbane and Gold Coast region can cover at least 50% (and potentially up to 75%) of its electricity needs, especially if smart controls or timers are used on items like dishwashers, electric hot water systems, clothes dryers, air conditioning systems, etc. With an appropriate solar battery added to your system, the average home can become almost 100% energy independent – covering all of your daily needs except, potentially, for extended periods of poor weather or extremely high power usage.

Why Install a Solar Battery at Home?

  • Store excess energy your solar panels generate
  • Increase solar self-consumption
  • Benefit directly from your solar system – especially after hours and during peak usage times
  • Maintain a reliable personal energy supply
  • Reduce vulnerability to grid-wide disruptions and blackouts
  • Save money long term – use less power from the grid
  • Support grid stability by helping reduce peak demand
  • Reduce emissions and your carbon footprint

Solar Batteries for the Home in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast

Solar and Batteries Direct is a leading provider of the highest quality solar batteries in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. From solar batteries for the home to battery configurations for commercial systems, off-grid systems, and hybrid systems, we have the expertise, experience, technical training and skillset to understand your requirements and to recommend and install the ideal solar battery to meet your needs. We also offer finance options to help you make the switch to solar.

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