Solar Panels


Quality solar panels are vital in ensuring efficient environmentally-sustainable energy generation and storage.

Solar and Batteries Direct has a wide range of solar panels and solar panel accessories to help reduce your electricity bills. And with electricity prices increasing faster than ever, now is the perfect time to invest in clean, green solar power.

Our solar panels allow you to take your power with you, perfect for camping holidays on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland or even across Australia.

Living or travelling in Southeast Queensland means year-round sunshine for you to convert into environmentally-friendly electricity. Our clean technology solar panels allows solar power to be captured for immediate use or storage.

Our range of solar panels are ideal for residential, commercial or recreational solar power systems. We have options for hybrid solar systems as well as complete off-grid solar systems to allow you to disconnect from the main electricity grid. Off-grid solar systems are ideal for people living on remote Queensland properties who wish to take advantage of green technology.

As a leading Brisbane and Gold Coast solar company, Solar and Batteries Direct has knowledgeable staff with years of expertise in helping you find the perfect solar panels and cables to suit your needs.