Transfer Switches and DC distribution


Solar and Batteries Direct, a locally owned and operated company based on the Gold Coast, offers a range of transfer switches and DC distribution products essential for solar and battery systems. These components play a crucial role in managing power flow between solar panels, batteries, and household electrical systems.

For residents in Brisbane looking to enhance their solar setups, a solar battery switch is a key component that allows seamless transition between different power sources. This ensures uninterrupted power supply during outages or when solar generation is insufficient.

Our range of products includes various DC distribution options, which are vital for efficiently routing power from solar panels and batteries to different parts of a home or business. These products are designed to work with lithium ion batteries, which have become the dominant choice in the solar space due to their superior performance and longevity.

Our high-quality transfer switches and DC distribution products allows you to maximise the benefits of your solar and battery systems, including increased energy independence, reduced electricity bills, and improved reliability during power outages. Contact us to learn more about environmentally sustainable energy generation and storage solutions and renewable energy technologies.