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Off-Grid Installations

Off-grid installations are highly variable and solar and batteries direct is here to deliver the ideal solar solution to meet your needs.

Off-grid installations are highly variable and solar and batteries direct is here to deliver the ideal solar solution to meet your needs.

What are Off-Grid Solar Installations?

An off-grid solar system is also referred to as a standalone solar system. It is a complete solar solution that generates and provides grid-like electricity in areas where connection to the power grid is unavailable, exorbitantly expensive, or unreliable.

An off-grid solar system consists of:

  • Rooftop or ground-mounted solar panels
  • DC-AC inverter
  • Solar charger
  • Solar battery for energy storage
  • Integrated backup diesel generator or another alternative energy source

How Does It Work?

Off-grid solar systems generate electricity from solar panels, which capture solar energy directly from sunlight. This electricity is used to charge a solar battery via a solar charger. An inverter converts the energy from DC to AC so that you can use it to power your home or commercial appliances. Any excess power your panel system generates is stored in the solar battery for later use at night and at times when the system generates little to no power (e.g. during inclement weather).

Is Off-Grid Solar Right for Me?

Off-grid solar systems are expensive and, for most domestic clients, a solar panel system will suffice to meet your energy needs. At Solar and Batteries Direct, we want you to have the right solar system to suit your needs at the best price – and as such, we generally recommend a grid-connected system unless the connection to the grid is impractical, unreliable, or ultimately more expensive than an off-grid system.

The solar battery costs for energy storage represent the largest investment when it comes to an off-grid system, as this is the most expensive component of any off-grid solar system. You must consider too that solar batteries need to be replaced every decade – and this may represent at least 50% of the total investment in your system.

Furthermore, the environmental benefits of being grid-connected often outweigh those of an off-grid system. The excess clean energy generated from solar panels (beyond your battery capacity) is wasted when it can’t be exported back into the power grid for use by others.

For complete energy independence, you may be better served with a hybrid solar system. This option offers another level of protection and support that is not available with a standalone system.

System Size

System sizes vary depending on your power capacity needs, and Solar and Batteries Direct offers systems from 13kW to 19.5kW. We can also deliver larger commercial off-grid installations.

The number of solar panels you require will depend on your daily electricity usage as well as your location. Off-grid solar panel systems usually require a solar battery bank as opposed to a single battery unit, as power storage capacity must be sufficient to meet the property’s requirements for 3-5 days). You’ll also need a standalone inverter and a solar charge controller which regulates the electrical current and voltage to your battery and prevents damage from overcharging.

You need to consider an alternative backup energy source to protect against periods of very low sunlight, combining this with your off-grid system to meet your power needs.

Why Choose Solar and Batteries Direct?

The design and installation of off-grid solar systems requires specialist training, experience, and specific skillsets. Solar and Batteries Direct can deliver on all counts. We are specialist off-grid solar installers and we can work with you in depth to understand your energy needs, the challenges of your location, and your budget. We will explain your options and design and install the right system to deliver on your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your goals for energy independence and the right approach to going solar for your unique location.

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