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Commercial Solar

Reduce your power bills with superior Gold Coast solar systems.

Reduce your power bills with superior Gold Coast solar systems

Top Commercial Solar Installers

A leading Brisbane and Gold Coast solar company, Solar and Batteries Direct is your local expert in renewable energy solutions for the commercial sector.

Commercial solar systems of 30-100kW require a different approach than smaller residential arrays, and every system of over 30kW must be government-approved to be connected to the grid. It’s essential to work with an experienced, reputable commercial solar company to ensure you uphold all of your legal and practical responsibilities, as well as to invest in the right solar array to meet your ongoing power needs.

We work with retailers, utilities, strata buildings, government agencies, community enterprises, industry, and more to deliver solar systems of 30-100kW that enable businesses to operate independently of the coal-powered electricity grid. From rooftop to ground-mounted systems, our Brisbane solar installers have the experience and expertise to understand your business’s unique electricity needs, and to design and install the ideal solar system to suit your premises and deliver the power you need. We will exceed your expectations in terms of product and service quality, ongoing support, and competitive pricing.

We can help you with all of your business solar system needs in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, including:

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Batteries
  • Hybrid Solar Systems
  • Off-Grid Solar Systems

Why Go Solar for Business?

Running a business is an expensive enterprise, and reducing the operational costs that eat into profits is important for business owners and managers. Investment in solar power is a sure way to improve the profitability of your business.

With the right solar system, you can ultimately say goodbye to paying high costs for power bills. Furthermore, when you add an appropriate solar battery to your system, you can store excess energy your solar panels and array generates – which stands your business in good stead for periods of lower sunlight, high power grid demand, and during power outages that impact those who rely solely on the power grid.

Environmental sustainability is also a powerful selling point for your brand. More consumers are actively choosing to patronise and support local businesses that demonstrate a commitment to being “green” and sustainable in their practices – and being able to demonstrate your own commitment to your local environment and the future of the planet is simply another reason to invest in a commercial solar system.

Consider also that there are Government Rebate Initiatives available to help cover the costs of going solar – so what have you got to lose?

Solar for Business

  • Is low-maintenance
  • Saves money
  • Protects against blackouts
  • Is carbon-free
  • Is 100% renewable

Contact us today to explore how Solar and Batteries Direct can work with you to bring your business power generation up to date and best position your commercial entity for the future.

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